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Top 5 Benefits of Utilizing Gunner-Concrete Mobile Batch Plants

The KEY to success for most construction projects is getting the concrete just RIGHT. It is also often more of an art form than a science and relies on experience and a bit of luck. Are you looking for solutions that will allow you to take the guesswork out of the pour, save money, and minimize waste? Well, let me tell you, read on because Gunner-Concrete has the perfect solutions for you!

We all know that concrete is one of the most cost-effective building materials. It is safe, doesn't burn, rot or rust, and is unbeaten for its versatility. It is also commonly used as the foundation for large buildings as well as other structures, and its integrity is crucial to the structure's lifespan. Hence, precision is vital for the strength and durability of the concrete you pour.

Gunner-Concrete has volumetric mixers equipped with state-of-the-art technology that has taken automation to another level, making mixing more accessible and precise.

We pick the Top 5 Benefits of Gunner Concrete Mobile Batch Plants that will surely help you on your next project:

  • ON-SITE CONCRETE MIX CONTROL Our volumetric concrete mixer puts you back in control right on the construction site. Your concrete will be fresh and exactly the right degree of slump. There is no need to accept whatever quality of mix comes out of the concrete drum. If your project requires strong, dry concrete, we will simply adjust the mix. Changing the consistency of the material is as easy as using a touchscreen. Therefore, you can use your workforce more effectively.

  • QUANTITY CONTROL AND COST SAVINGS We help gauge exactly how much you need. Granted, experienced project managers are able to estimate quantities well. However, an estimate is never as precise as it is to start and stop pouring when you need to. Smaller projects benefit especially. Not every construction site needs a full truck's worth of concrete. We can design production to meet your needs for your specific job. There is no wasted concrete, so you pay for what you use. Alternatively, if you need to supply concrete to different sites, a volumetric mixer can travel between those. Mixes can easily be adjusted between sites with a few adjustments on the touchscreen of the commander control system.

  • SPEED OF POURING Unexpected delays are one of the biggest problems in any construction project. They soon add up to put the whole job behind schedule and lead to additional costs. Ideally, you want to start pouring concrete as soon as the form is finished. Waiting for a new batch of concrete is a thing of the past if you have Gunner-Concrete on-site. Your team can easily see when concrete is needed and how much of it. You avoid waiting around for the next delivery. In addition, your site is never blocked by an endless line of trucks cueing up to deliver to you. No time is lost on-site, and the project progresses more smoothly. Staying on track is an excellent way to impress your clients, increase your credibility, and encourage repeat projects.

  • PERFECT FOR REMOTE LOCATIONS Deploying large quantities of concrete in remote locations is challenging. If the trucks are stuck on the road in a hot environment, you may have to add water to the slump to make the mix workable again. As a result, your mix is weaker. Our volumetric mixers allow you to transport the ingredients on the truck but in separate bins until you are ready to mix and pour. The mix will be exactly what the project requires. Large jobs can be handled by one or two volumetric mixers if you create a continuous flow system. Material bins are steadily refilled as the mixer pours. The automated control system ensures that the mix is exactly what you need, and the refills ensure there is no need to stop until you are ready to. You avoid a long supply line or having to set up a temporary batch plant, adding convenience to even more cost savings.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Not only is using volumetric mixers cost-effective, but it is also good for the environment. Mixing only what you need reduces concrete waste. Especially when building far away from the plant, our volumetric mixer avoids long travel times and the repeated journeys Readymix trucks would need to make. With Gunner Concrete solutions, easy handling, convenient logistics, and cost savings are some of the advantages that will benefit your project's bottom line and help your business grow. We would love to be a part of your next project. Let us know today how we may help you!

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