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Underground Utilities

Underground utilities are essential parts of every household and every structure in the community. Think about the water that runs through our faucets, the electricity that powers the light, the gas that helps us cook, and of course, the internet that makes us all connected. Yes, we don't see them, but they affect our daily lives. Can you imagine how disruptive it can be when there are problems with our underground utilities?

"Underground utilities" is a general term for any public service infrastructures that have been installed beneath the ground surface. Public utility companies bury electric cables, data, communications cables, gas and oil pipelines, as well as water and sewer lines to protect them from damage and inclement weather. Avoiding vandalism or even theft of expensive infrastructure components is another reason for underground installations. Burying new utility lines has now become the norm, and underground utility companies play a vital role in building and maintaining those.

Above or below ground, the need for concrete in utility work never ends. It is the perfect material to create utility boxes in which cables and pipes are housed. It is also used to fill the remaining gaps. When the work is done, concrete is also utilized to restore roads and pavements.

Underground utility work requires different kinds of specific concrete, including flowable fill. And for utility contractors or companies, it's crucial they have the precise design mix and exact amount for every project. Too little means a schedule delay and more than likely going over the established project budget.

Traditional barrel mixers are restricted to one type of concrete per load. As a consequence, contractors would need to order several to complete a project. On the other hand, Gunner-Concrete is a concrete plant on wheels. Our volumetric mixer trucks are able to deliver highly flexible concrete solutions for large and small underground utility projects alike, directly to the job site faster and on time.

We offer limitless customization over traditional ready mix. If requirements change during the project, we have the perfect tool to accommodate the adjustments. There is no danger of under-ordering concrete and having to wait for more. In addition, contractors avoid waste from ordering too much of the wrong kind of concrete, which would then need to be discarded. The project continues to progress without waste and with minimal downtime.

We also help avoid delays caused by waiting for deliveries, leading to project delays. Those are costly for clients, but they are also detrimental to traffic flow if large parts of major routes need to be altered.

Versatility is the main advantage Gunner-Concrete solutions bring to underground utility infrastructure projects. Our volumetric mixers minimize potential problems and snags throughout the project for contractors. Construction runs more cost-effectively, and projects finish faster. Let us know here how we can help you!

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