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Did you know that concrete was first introduced in Roman times? Since then, it has been used to create multiple infamous structures like the Hoover Dam, Panama Canal, and Roman Pantheon, to name a few! Fast forward to today, concrete is considered the most popular building material. When you look around, you will see that approximately 80% of the city or town comprises concrete structures. In fact, the Contractors Society of America believes that concrete production and pouring currently supports over two million jobs in the United States.

Concrete provides various benefits, including durability, sustainability, low cost, and energy efficiency. It is immensely strong but can virtually adapt to any form, and it has outstanding insulation properties.

As the world evolves and people innovate, we realize that traditional ready-mix trucks can be wasteful and logistically challenging! Gunner-Concrete Volumetric Mixers make light work of municipal repairs.


Cities and Municipalities require concrete for a wide variety of projects yearly. The team at Gunner Concrete has over 80 combined years of experience in building concrete projects in partnership with municipalities over the last 40 years.

Gunner-Concrete Volumetric Mixers can help simplify logistics, enable ad-hoc repairs, and lead to cost savings for municipalities. Our volumetric mixers give city governments and authorities the flexibility to address construction projects of any size.

  • FINANCIAL ADVANTAGES Switching from ordering concrete in traditional barrel mixers to a volumetric mixer can be a big decision. However, there are multiple savings, including financial advantages as well as a more efficient use of personnel and time. Gunner-Concrete is able to provide a variety of mix designs to supply concrete to municipalities' smallest public work projects to their largest and most complex projects. We can design production to meet the needs of a specific job. There is no wasted concrete, so you pay for what you use.

  • FACILITATING IMPROMPTU REPAIRS Gunner-Concrete makes it easy and financially feasible to complete small repairs. Potholes may be one of the most annoying problems for drivers, but they are dangerous for those on motorcycles and bicycles. Think about unsightly, crumbling walkways and other municipal repairs – they can make all the difference to the appearance of a city. As a concrete plant on wheels, our volumetric mixer trucks are able to deliver highly flexible concrete solutions for small jobs, directly to the job site faster, on time, and can offer limitless customization over traditional ready mix.

  • LARGE REBUILDING PROJECTS IN REMOTE LOCATIONS As useful as Gunner-Concrete is for small projects, we can also handle large infrastructure projects. Gunner-Concrete Volumetric Mixers are ideal for remote locations. Pouring high-quality concrete in remote locations has been notoriously difficult, and timing the arrival of trucks from a batch plant often leads to delays in the project. Sitting in traffic in hot weather also diminishes the quality of the concrete, forcing contractors to add water to keep it workable. Gunner Concrete can help projects stay on schedule and under budget when the location is not close to a batch plant. We are able to batch, measure, mix and pour without changing any equipment, because our trucks are a batch plant and mixer in one! We are able to adjust the design mix as needed, on the spot. There is no need to wait for ready mix trucks or reject a “hot” load because it took too long to arrive on site! Municipalities can save time, money, and maximize uptime with our concrete production solutions.

  • ROAD REPAIR FLEXIBILITY Gunner Concrete is able to help our customers avoid costly road closures by offering a range of rapid-setting products that get roads open quickly. We are able to perform night work efficiently as we don’t need to open a plant in order to provide concrete, and we can pour highly unusual mix designs (such as 3000 PSI in 3 hours) with ease and speed, such as Rapid Set mixes.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLIER POURS Using Gunner-Concrete Volumetric Mixers allows you to pour concrete in a more environmentally friendly manner. Keeping the mixer truck on-site avoids multiple road trips between batch plants and project sites. In addition, volumetric mixers allow you to recycle demolished concrete. This is especially useful during rebuilding and remodeling projects. You save time and cost on-site.

We want to partner with you on your next project! We are committed to creating solutions for every one of the unique contractors that we service, helping support higher profitability and higher quality for each of their projects. Shoot us a message or give us a ring today!

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