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Our Work

Gunner Concrete provides our customers the highest quality ready mix concrete, with the greatest service in the industry.  Our clients range from public works, commercial, roadways and highways and residential.  

Because of the unique benefits of our trucks, we can deliver ready mix concrete to small jobs and large projects alike!  

Road Repair Flexibility

We help our customers to avoid expensive street closures by offering a range of rapid-setting products that get roads open quickly.   We are able to perform night work efficiently as we don’t need to open a plant in order to provide concrete, and we can pour highly unusual mix designs (such as 3000 PSI in 3 hours) with ease and speed.

If the job requires different mixes, that’s no problem. Each is made as needed. Slump can change as well. The mix can go from wet to dry and back to wet again.

road repair.jpg

Public Works Maintenance

The team at Gunner Concrete has over 80 combined years of experience in building concrete projects in partnership with municipalities over the last 40 years. 

We are able to provide a variety of mix designs to supply concrete to your smallest public work project to your largest and most complex project. 

Gunner supplies concrete for new engineering, repair and retrofit as well as cement fills and can even service emergency call out needs.

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Commercial Projects

Gunner concrete is able to support re-construction or new builds, supplying concrete for warehouse buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, airports and more.


Residential Projects

Whether you are repairing backyard concrete around a pool or on a patio, or pouring a new driveway, RV slab or mow curb, Gunner is able to provide the excellent service that you need for your projects.


Colored Concrete

Gunner Concrete can help you to stay on schedule and under budget when your project is not close to a batch plant. We are able to batch, measure, mix and pour without changing any equipment, because our trucks are a batch plant and mixer in one! We are able to adjust the design mix as needed, on the spot.

We can mix the concrete you want where it’s needed, no waiting for ready mix trucks or rejecting a “hot” load because it took too long to arrive on site. Our clients can save time, money, and maximize uptime with our concrete production solutions.


Remote Job Sites

While we have the ability to send trucks to repair small patches of concrete on city streets, we also have the ability to set up portable silos and loaders on your job site, so that you can avoid travel time and tailor production to meet your needs.

Our clients are able to stay on schedule and under budget when they are not near a concrete batch plant, where we can batch, measure, mix and pour without ever changing equipment. We can even adjust the design mix without having to return to a plant.

We are able to mix the concrete you want where it’s needed, no waiting for ready mix trucks or rejecting a “hot” load because it took too long to arrive on site. 

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