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5 Reasons to Bring Concrete Plant on Wheels to your Next Project

Working on a construction project can be exciting and exhausting as well as enjoyable and stressful at times! So when outsourcing or picking a supplier, it greatly helps to choose one that would definitely deliver quality as well as cost-efficiency.

Concrete is undeniably one of the most important construction materials. Usually, business owners need to decide where to source their concrete from in the construction realm. While there are a plethora of suppliers, construction companies often consider the one that will save them time and money in the long run, right?

Here are the 5 PERKS of having Gunner-Concrete as your Supplier

  • BETTER QUALITY Quality control is essential for every business and a major issue when it comes to outsourcing material. Gunner-Concrete leverage the latest technology to ensure that your concrete is delivered exactly according to your requirements. You will never see a "Hot Load!" Concrete is mixed on-site at the job location, creating the freshest concrete available.

  • EASE AND CONTROL Producing material on your own premises gives you complete control over not only the quality but also the quantity of the product. Yes, we can design production to meet your needs for your specific job.

  • LOGISTICS Having Gunner-Concrete as your concrete supplier will save you significant resources from a logistics perspective. For starters, transportation is a big cost in itself, and this is especially true if concrete must be sourced from distant locations. Given that concrete must be poured within a specific time frame after it has been mixed together, traveling long distances through harsh climates can compromise quality. Most concrete providers using batch plants must combat this issue by using additional chemicals in their mix, which can certainly attribute to higher costs for the client. If you produce concrete in-house or on-site in our volumetric concrete mixer, you can save lots of time, money, and material in transportation without having to compromise on the quality of your mix.

  • ADAPTABILITY You also gain flexibility when you have our Plant on Wheels. This helps in certain situations: for instance, if a job requires different mixes, we can accommodate those for hill grade and cross slope applications. We make exactly what you need, and you pay for exactly what you use.

  • MAINTAIN REPUTATION Outsourcing can sometimes damage your company's reputation if you receive inadequate quality or quantity of product from your provider. If clients are dissatisfied, they may even end up hindering your business with expensive investigations or poor digital reviews. Bringing Gunner-Concrete production in-house provides you with more control over the product and experience your customers receive. You might have other questions on how we can help you! Feel free to leave us a note or give us a ring here!

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