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4 Fail-Proof Methods Of Concrete Repair

Cracks in concrete can happen and are caused by several factors. These include chemical degradation, corrosion of reinforcement steel, mechanical attack, and physical damage. Do you know any methods that can repair these cracks? Read on to learn more!

Stitching of Concrete

Stitching your concrete is a simple, quick, and effective way to repair cracks in a concrete wall. The gap between the cracked area of concrete and its surrounding mortar is bridged with U-shaped metal units known as stitching digs. After this process, the concrete is repaired with a rigid resin material that provides long-term structural support. Contact a concrete supplier and seek advice on whether stitching your concrete is the best solution for you.

Routing and Sealing

Muting and sealing is a common method of concrete crack repair. The method can be used to seal both large and fine pattern cracks. Silicones, epoxies, or urethanes may be used as fillers in this process. This is most appropriate for flat horizontal surfaces like pavements and floors, but you need to make sure that all joints are sealed as well as the crack face itself. You will need a concrete supply for this technique, so it is advisable to contact a reliable concrete supplier to ensure a smooth process.

Resin Injection

Epoxy Resin Injection is a process where resin is injected into the hole left by a crack in the concrete. It can be used to fill the hole and makes the reinforced area stronger and more durable. The use of epoxy resin injection strongly depends on the type of epoxy resin used. Cracks wider than 0.22mm are injected with resins that have a low viscosity. Cracks that are wider are injected with a resin known as Thixotropic. The process ensures that water and air are not in contact with the reinforcement. Before using this method, you should contact your local concrete supplier for advice on whether this is the best method for you and the concrete supply.


The method of underpinning helps to strengthen the foundation of an existing building or any other infrastructure. These involve the installation of permanent or temporary support to an already held foundation so that additional depth and bearing capacity are achieved. It’s important to use reliable concrete suppliers for this process to be effective, so it would be wise to contact a trusted concrete supplier.

Concrete structures tend to deteriorate due to factors like water infiltration, corrosion, and seismic activity. But, the good news is concrete damage can be repaired and restored by using the above-discussed solutions. For all your concrete supplies, contact us today.

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