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Why you should consider Rapid-setting Concrete?

Working on a construction project with tight deadlines is quite a challenge! We know that waiting several days for concrete to cure before progressing is not always the best option. I'm sure compromising build strength and quality is something you won't do either!

Well, think no more! There is a superior solution and a revolutionary way to deliver concrete through Rapid-setting concrete mixes. They enable you to build faster, stronger, and smarter than ever before.

Let's take a look at the different benefits of rapid-set mixes that will help transform the way you do business.

  • YOU CAN BUILD FASTER AND MORE RESPONSIVELY Rapid-set mixes are an excellent option for major highway or bridge repairs contractors. In some cases, road closures and diversions are not an option. Transportation departments generally require contractors to work as fast as possible. In these situations, rapid-set concrete helps complete the job quickly and keeps road users safe. Depending on the specifics of the mix, a typical rapid-set concrete can set within 20 minutes and maybe ready for traffic within an hour or two. Compare that to traditional mixes, which may need to cure for anything between three and seven days. Traveling over the new surface or drilling holes to insert bolts before traditional concrete has reached sufficient strength could cause the entire project to fail.

  • YOU CAN BUILD WITH LESS LABOR & PROJECT COST Apart from materials, labor is one of the highest costs in any construction project. Rapid-set concrete can help you reduce your labor cost by up to 50%, and this is a massive saving for any contractor and their clients. As a result, using faster-setting concrete helps you bid more competitively. Rather than waiting several days to progress with a project, your team can continue almost straight away. Not only does this help meet deadlines, but it also makes it easier to manage crew schedules.

  • THEY'RE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, TOO In addition to their reduced labor times, these mixes are also environmentally friendly. That's because rapid-set concrete mixes have a low content of water which in turn creates fewer carbon emissions which are better for the environment. Rapid-setting concrete is strong enough to be used in bridges and other large structures without cracking. These mixes can provide years of construction while still being relatively lightweight and easy to handle.

  • REDUCED SHRINKAGE AND QUICK STRENGTH GAIN Shrinkage is one of the main reasons that concrete projects fail. In any concrete project, shrinkage happens when the water in the mix evaporates as the cement hydrates. Depending on the degree of shrinkage and whether it leads to major cracks, contractors may need to set aside time to address the issue. Putting joints in the concrete can mitigate crack formation, but rapid-set mixes avoid this problem from the start. They are designed to shrink three to four times less than traditional mixes. Because of the quick strength gain of rapid-set mixes, they also resist shrinking on a synergistic level. As a contractor, you are less dependent on joints and can generally complete a project more quickly.

  • YOU CAN WORK WITH LESS WASTE Wasted concrete is one of the biggest problems, but you can significantly cut back on this issue using rapid-set cement mixes. Since there's no need for staging or pre-mixing, each batch gets used up perfectly. This means that it will be much easier to keep your project moving at full speed without having to worry about wasted material creating problems in the future.

  • YOU CAN SAVE MONEY Traditional materials cost more than rapid-setting cement in general because they take longer to work with. Pre-mixing, staging, and curing all require time and space in the middle of your job site, which means that you will have to dedicate extra resources to these activities. Everything is streamlined and focused on efficiency when it comes to rapid-setting mixes, which means fewer man-hours are required for production, resulting in lower costs overall.


If you are looking for rapid-set concrete mixes or volumetric concrete delivery in Greater Orange County, Greater Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire, look no further than Gunner-Concrete! We are proud to be a woman-owned, managed, and controlled concrete supplier focused on providing high-quality ready mix and exceptional service to our customers. Give us a call today to learn more!

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