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Gunner Concrete: Tools Every Concrete Contractor Should Have

Protective Gear

One of the most important things to have when starting your project with concrete is high-quality protective gear. Concrete work can be physically demanding and sometimes dangerous, and proper worksite safety practice requires the use of protective gear for the eyes, ears, and lungs.

When working with concrete, you need to wear safety glasses that provide complete eye protection from airborne particles and splashes of liquid cement. Safety glasses should have replaceable lenses that are made from a tough material such as polycarbonate, which will protect your eyes from harmful chemical vapors emitted by the concrete. Eye protection is essential for any worker handling concrete mixing and pouring. The cement in concrete is highly caustic and can burn the eyes.

Breathing protection must be used during demolition or when pouring gravel or sand to prevent inhalation of cement lime and dust particles. You need a dust mask or respirator if you're working with any materials that contain silica (sand or gravel). This includes fine-grain materials like crushed stone or pulverized brick that can damage your lungs if inhaled too deeply—and it's especially important when working with these materials in confined spaces like basements or garages where there isn't much air circulating around them for ventilation purposes.

Portable Mixer

Whether you're working on a small job or a large one, portable concrete mixers can make the difference between a job that takes too long and one that doesn't take nearly enough.

These handy tools allow you to mix small amounts of concrete at the job site. This is convenient and saves time for your project. Mixers come especially in handy for pours that are too small to warrant an order of ready-mix, but too big to mix in a wheelbarrow or mixing tub. These come in a range of sizes and there is both electric and gas-powered models available.


Are you an avid concrete worker? If so, you're going to want to keep these handy tools in your toolbox.

Screeds are essential for getting a smooth surface on freshly poured concrete. They're used to remove excess concrete and bring the top surface of concrete to proper grade. Screeds are available in different sizes and can even be project-specific, such as those used for building concrete bridges. Some commercial screeds come with leveling vials attached to them to make it easy to level slabs as the screeding is done.

The concrete industry is a huge one. If you're going to be working with concrete, you're going to need a lot of different tools and equipment to get the job done right. But these are some absolute essentials that you should absolutely have in your arsenal of tools! If you're looking for more information on concrete supply, Gunner-Concrete can help you today!

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